April 11 & 12, 2020

Saturday (Day 17); we spent the morning eating a yummy breakfast, and chatting with my family. We all agreed that we’ve run out of things to talk about, since we are all stuck at home, so all we talk about is what we are eating!

After breakfast we loaded everyone and everything up, and headed out for Easter deliveries! We told the kids we were going to play the most epic game of ding dong ditch that has ever been played! We started in our neighborhood, delivering loaves of banana bread to the neighbors we’ve gotten to know well over the last couple of years. Then we drove around Aurora for a couple of hours, delivering Easter care packages to our MOPS girls, and more banana bread to our life group families and other friends. The kids got really into it, and everyone got a turn to ring the doorbell and run!

The kids entertained themselves by making silly faces and climbing out our sun roof at the stops where we stayed and chatted with friends. They managed to drain our battery at one of the stops, but thankfully it was at a friend’s house, so they were able to give us a jump!

Not gonna lie, moods declined by the end of the morning. We drove to an open space and told the kids to run as far as they could and still see us. They chose to lay on top of us on the blankets instead. 🙂 After some food and a little coaxing, they headed off to explore. We spent a couple of hours soaking up the sunshine and fresh air, and looking at something other than our living room.

We were all feeling worn out and emotional by the end of the day. Lover and I got things set up for our Easter celebration the next morning, and we did baths for everyone, and got everyone to bed, but it had been a really long week!

Sunday (Day 18); Happy Resurrection Day! I woke up feeling happy and excited about Easter, even in this strange form. We got dressed up and took a family picture. Lover made a cinnamon raisin sourdough bread, which I gobbled down but the kids weren’t interested in. That discouraged him, and our morning started going downhill from there. It’s hard to feel isolated from everyone on a day when we usually spend it surrounded by friends and family. We turned on our church’s livestream, but the kids had zero interest in watching or participating. The livestream has been particularly hard to engage them, and I get it, because it’s hard and very different!

After service, we watched Andrea Bocelli’s Music for Hope concert. He was amazing as always, and we had a really good conversation with the kids about the Catholic faith, what we believe and how it differs from our faith, and where we agree. The kids also discovered that their empty push pop containers make great water bottles!

After the concert we talked to my family via video chat, well, to my Spanish family! My American side family was either busy or working. Bummer on Easter! And then just a little later we did a video chat with our life group which also ended up being just one other family. But it was nice to chat and catch up, and share about how hard life has been lately. Bearing each other’s burdens!

We ate our Easter meal and then headed out (in the snow!) to deliver an Easter lily to an older woman from our church. She was happy to see the kids, but didn’t want to linger and chat. So we drove for a few minutes and then headed home and put on a movie. We watched Risen and it was pretty interesting! The kids came and went, but they stayed a lot more interested towards the end and asked a lot of questions. Risen follows a non believing Roman, so it was interesting to help them sort out what was real and what was fiction.

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