April 13, 2020

(Day 19) Lover pulled a superhero move on Monday, telling me to stay in bed and rest, and that he would handle everything else. And he did. He worked, took care of the kids, cleaned, helped them with school, and checked on me. I went back to bed, took a long nap, and just generally rested. I was absolutely wrecked after our week last week, and I really needed a day off.

I was really thankful, and by the end of the day I felt much more human again. I came down in time to do the Bible Project with the kids, and give them good night kisses. We also spent some time reminiscing with the kids about Grandma Joy, and talking about what we liked about her and how we will miss her. We talked to the kids about the concept of a memorial service, and how even though things look different right now, we can still remember her and thank God for her. Hopefully this will help the kids feel some sense of closure!

While I was resting, the kids did a lot of school, including some of their science work from Friday school. They already knew the questions before they watched the instructional video, but they still wanted to watch it anyways! They are bright kids! They also worked on their book reports, and Javi reminded everyone that he hates writing.

Joy’s daughter called me today, and asked if we would like to attend her service and burial on Friday. We were super honored to be included, especially as services are restricted to ten people currently, so it was really an honor to be invited. We’ll be singing Day by Day, at Joy’s request.

So, not a lot happened, but sometimes that’s exactly how the day needs to be. Better days are coming!

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