April 14, 2020

(Day 20) Cassandra started her day with water painting, while the other kids worked on chores and regular school. We worked on AWANA verses, recording some to send to leaders, and helping Javi with his verse that he’s been stuck on for a while. We spent the day at home (surprise) but the kids did play outside for a while, even though it was still chilly.

Still really enjoying our Easter decorations!

The older kids started the Harry Potter movies today. They started it at quiet time, while the littles rested, and then finished it in the evening after they went to bed. They were super excited to get to watch it!

Lover met up with friends for a walk today. We are super thankful that we can still go for walks, and even occasionally meet with friends! It’s awkward to keep our distance and not be able to hug people, but it would be so much worse without that!

In the evening, after we put the kids to bed, we were surprised to see a whole bunch of cars lining up in the high school parking lot across from our house. Turns out it was a memorial for our 21 yr old neighbor, who died from COVID last week. He was an aspiring cop, so police from all over came down to pay tribute to him. There were dozens and dozens of police cars and after some kind of tribute at the school, they lined up into a parade with their lights flashing and followed a bagpipe band up the main road, then down our street and around the corner to where our neighbors live. It was really sad, but also sweet to see everyone doing what they could to come together and mourn this life.

It’s neat to see the ways people are trying to come together and be a community, even within the restrictions that are currently in place.

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