April 15, 2020

(Day 21): I spent a good long while cleaning the kitchen and then helping the kiddos this morning. Right after breakfast I got Javi started on writing out the verse that he’s been stuck on, and Keilana helped him by dictating to him for a while. Then we wrote out the verse again and cut it up in pieces, making a puzzle, and Javi worked on putting it all back together.

Keilana and I are working on a new reading book – Cheating for Reading is what we are calling it. It’s a sequential spelling book that helps kids learn groups of words – like all, tall, stall, install, installment, etc. She’s enjoying it and she’s really good at it! The kids are getting good enough at reading to read over my shoulder while I do these recaps! We are having them do daily reading time as well, and I think that’s helping them get into a routine of reading too.

Then, everyone wanted to build a fort so we did! We collected as many blankets as we could, pulled all the chairs together, and made an epic fort. The kids made it nice and cozy inside, and then decided they also needed a fire. So they crafted one and used a flashlight to make it look like it was lit, and I was super impressed with their creativity.

During quiet time the older kids watched the second Harry Potter movie. KK is enjoying watching the movies a lot more than the audiobooks. They watched part of it in the afternoon, and then finished it later after the little kids went to bed. We headed out in the afternoon and did a bunch of grocery shopping – getting us restocked for the next couple of weeks! Produce has been iffy, but we managed to find a few things. I stayed in the van with the kids, while Lover ducked in to the stores.

Lover also had an interview for a freelance job today. It ended up being a formality, and they are excited to work with him. Now we wait to see if there’s actually any work! He’s still been working a ton of hours for his regular job, so we’ll see how this all shakes out!

Lover has also been talking to a friend’s boss about creating a website for their business. This would be a big customer, so very exciting if we can land this one!

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