April 17, 2020

(Day 23) Friday was an interesting day! Today was Grandma Joy’s memorial service. We were very honored to be asked to be a part of her service, especially as the family was limited to only ten people! Grandma Joy had asked us to sing Day by Day at her service, so in the afternoon a friend came over to watch the kids and we headed across town to the mortuary. We met Grandma Joy’s daughters (we already knew her son) and their husbands, and Joy’s grandson. They were thankful to have us there, and we sat through the service with them and sang our song. We did our best -we’re not professionals but we tried to sing nice and loud and enthusiastically, just as Joy would have liked.

After the burial we headed back home, and stopped to pick up dinner from one of our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants. We are trying to keep them in business for when we are able to get back to date nights! They make the best baba ganoush and muharrama! We realized that it’s been over a month since we left our kids for any reason, so we enjoyed the few minutes we had to talk!

After we got home, it was still sunny and nice, so we headed out for a walk. The kids all wanted to bring scooters and/or push toys, and of course that became a whole thing. But it was still nice to be outside.

Once we got home, the kids told us they had something fun planned. They had put together a restaurant! They had made piles of fake money for Lover, Cassandra and I, and we were the customers. The menu was mac n cheese, toast, eggs or cheese. We could order water or lemonade to drink as well! Everything had prices and we paid as we went. The kids did a GREAT job cooking up our orders, and everything was delicious. It was a really fun evening and we actually stayed up a little late so everyone could eat.

We were so proud of the kids. Their creativity, responsibility, and just the fun of them waiting on us for a change. 🙂 It was really encouraging to see how they are blooming in these crazy times. The kids finished cooking and then sat down and ate the leftovers because they were starving after all that work!

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