April 18 & 19, 2020

Saturday (Day 24): Saturday morning we stayed in bed and were lazy while the kids ate cereal and watched cartoons. Then we came down and got ready to go, loading up the kiddos and heading to the little creek park we discovered when the guys were doing our floors. The kids had been wanting to show Lover how fun it was, and it was finally nice enough and he wasn’t working, so we headed out!

It’s a long skinny park with lots of trails, and lots of sandy places by the little creek to sit and hang while the kids play. Super pretty, and I think it will be even more magical once all the trees leaf out. We stayed for quite a while, and the kids were in seventh heaven. They splashed in the creek, collected pretty rocks, climbed the banks and got muddy – basically a kid’s dream! And Javi saw a crayfish!

We stayed for quite a while, but then Declan stepped on a cactus and basically the entire bottom of his foot was coated in soft little spines. So we pulled out some but then decided we needed to head home and get some tweezers and clean water to finish getting them out. So we packed up and headed home!

While we ate lunch we worked on a song for the home service we want to do this Wednesday. Lover and I translated a favorite cantico of ours that we thought would be a good fit for our opening song. We worked on it for quite a while and the kids worked on learning it too.

In the evening, after cactus removal and baths for everyone, Keilana and I worked on making a banana cake. She did the majority of the work, and I just helped her know the steps and occasionally measure out ingredients or blend heavy stuff.

While the cake was baking, everybody cleaned up the main floor and then while they ate dinner, I worked on sweeping and mopping the floors. Everyone was being really loud, so I went and got my noise canceling headphones and listened to music while I cleaned. The kids tried to talk to me, and I said, “sorry, can’t hear you, I have my headphones on!” So they went to Lover and said, “Mom can’t hear us!” So he told them, “You’ll have to be louder!” So all four shouted at the same time “MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!!!” Lol. It was super funny. After we put them to bed, I finished up cleaning the floors and then I took a picture so that I would have proof that sometimes the house DOES get clean! 🙂

Sunday (Day 25): We had a VERY rocky start to our Sunday, with lots of rule breaking, discipline and tears (from the grownups) all before 8 o’clock. So we decided that a new plan was in order! We grabbed boots and waters, loaded everyone in the van, and headed out. We grabbed some fast food breakfast, popped a movie into our DVD player, and drove for a few hours! We headed east, since it’s so open and deserted that way and Lover and I talked while the kids watched their movie. Then we put in a second movie and headed back, so about a three hour drive all in all. It was the perfect solution to such a tense morning!

We had to fill up on our way out, and we were shocked to see that gas cost us $1.09 a gallon! We haven’t seen prices this low since our broke college days! We got back home and did a few video calls with family and friends while the kids had quiet time and watched the third HP movie, and then Keilana and I made the frosting for the banana cake.

Littles emptying the dishwasher.

Lover made nachos for dinner with refried green chile beans, cheddar cheese, and my leftover carnitas. They were SO GOOD!!!! We devoured them. And then we had Keilana’s banana cake, which was also amazing. I let her serve it, and although she is my daughter, she definitely did not inherit my approach to slices and cutting!

Then Lover took the kids for a walk while I did a little writing. They roped all the scooters together and got everyone on top of one, and then Lover pulled them all. They had a blast! Javi also made a pet cat and pulled it along with them.

All in all, it was a good weekend, and we felt refreshed and like we enjoyed our time all together!

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