April 20, 2020

(Day 26) The kids and I did our devotional this morning and the Bigs needed no help finding their Bible verses! I discovered that my guitar busted a string, so I’ll have to order new ones, since all the music stores are still closed. I cleaned out a cabinet that had lots of empty egg cartons in it, and the kids commandeered them to make crafts out of them! Javi made a snake from three cartons connected with yarn, and Keilana made a fire truck. The littles made something creative!

Lover also set up one of our tents in the back yard for the kids. It’s supposed to be nice all week so we thought it would be a fun outdoor playhouse. They filled it with sleeping bags and played in it on and off most of the day. I worked on a mountain of laundry – apparently I lost track of laundry last week and there was lots to do today! I had a helper for part of it, but she worked at a pretty slow pace.

I took a long walk during one of Lover’s breaks – it was deserted! I saw lots of birds, some bunnies and even a couple of prairie dogs! Wildlife is taking back over! Keilana hurt her toe pretty badly playing on her scooter, so I doctored her up and got her set up on the couch with a show.

During lunch Lover and the kids discussed circumferences and perimeters and orbits. They used string to discover how orbits and gravity work, and Lover drew lots of diagrams on our mirrors. They started learning the beginnings of calculating a circumference – they remembered pi because we did Pi Day! 🙂

We sat outside for a long time this afternoon, just getting some fresh air and sun while the kids played. The kids have been enjoying using their headphones after they saw me with them on Saturday, and have been taking turns.

Some good news tonight – the Stay At Home order will switch to a Safer at Home order starting next Monday! They’ll start reopening things and we will go back to a limit of 10 people for gatherings next week. This is an exciting first step towards life getting back to being people oriented!

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