April 21, 2020

(Day 27) The kids were happily at play all morning in their outside fort, so I took advantage of the free time and listed a bunch of stuff on eBay. Some of it sold before I finished listing the group of things, so I guess people are getting pretty bored at home! It felt good to scratch that to-do off the list!

We also started working on the vanity in our bathroom. We worked on patching it all up and getting it ready for the next step. It will be nice to have this old vanity looking its best! Javi said a couple more sections of his book for AWANA, and we got things in order for my MOPS Zoom call this morning.

After the Zoom call the kids played outside more – I think everyone has spring fever because I can barely get them to come inside. The big kids have really been enjoying their wireless headphones, especially sitting in the swing listening to music and singing along at the top of their lungs. I’m glad no one is in the basement right now, as the volume around here is louder than ever! 🙂 After our Zoom call we also called Yaya so KK could talk to her for a bit, and then Lover helped them troubleshoot some sound and video issues they’ve been having. He’s such a nice son-in-law!

KK and Declan made kites today. They were really pretty, well constructed and super creative! It’s been an arts and crafts kind of week around here.

At lunch time, someone asked where electricity comes from. Lover gave them a pretty involved lesson on that answer, as well as how a generator works, and how nuclear fision works to power a turbine to run as a generator.

Also, Lover got paid for a freelance job he did, and closed another customer for our website business! It was a busy and productive day work wise.

Lover took the kids to get free Doritos Locos Tacos because it’s Tuesday! He also brought me back a junior bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s because that man knows and loves me. We sat on the porch and enjoyed the fresh air while the kids ate and played, and then headed inside for cleanup and Bible Project! We watched the first half of Isaiah, and had a good discussion with the kiddos about it.

Lover and I watched TV and chatted in the evening. Next week our state moves to Safer At Home and we’ve been discussing what that’s going to look like for us. We’ve also been praying about the future – praying that we would trust that God is in control about our plans for Spain.

P.S. As I was working on this recap, Declan came up to me and growled at me. Then he said, “The Tiger can’t help you do the recap because you don’t speak tiger.” He’s not wrong.

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