April 22, 2020

(Day 28) I helped Lover finalize one of the websites for our business this morning, and worked on our recap of yesterday and some other computer work while the kids did breakfast and chores. When the kids were set in their chores and school, I went for a long walk! It was a gorgeous morning and so quiet. Things have been rambunctious in the best way at home lately, so I soaked up the quiet and worked on my story while I walked. I packaged up all my eBay sales from yesterday – four of them! Then Keilana and I made up a batch of banana bread at her request.

At quiet time, I set the older three up with a craft – butterfly outlines sketched out onto file folders. The kids then filled in the wings with lines, and then colored in the different sections with different markers. They had a blast working on them, and they came out really beautifully!

Before lunch the kids had a Zoom call with their kids ministry. They talked and told jokes and played a game. It was a fun half hour for them and they got to “see” a couple of their friends too! During lunch a friend stopped by to borrow our tiling tools, and then right after he left, his wife stopped by to drop off a little care package from our MOPS mentor moms! So funny! The kids then decided to wash the van! They played with the suds for a while, and had a blast. 🙂

We did our own church service tonight with the kiddos – worship, prayer, testimonies and Bible study. For our first time including the kids, I felt like it went really well! 🙂 After our service I called my brother in law in NY and got to chat with him for a little bit and catch up. So nice! It was a good day – thankful for good days!

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