April 23, 2020

(Day 29) This morning I made a quick Carrot Cake Oatmeal that I’ve made a few times before. It comes together super easily and bakes up in about 30 minutes. Everyone likes it too!

We did our morning chores and school quickly, because we had a video call with Lover’s parents. We talked to them for a long time, and it was very nice to catch up. We are looking forward to the end of stay-at-home, but are wondering if it will end up being extended.

We’re trying to grow some grass in the backyard, and we’ve been met with mixed results so far. Lover has been really diligent about watering though, and look at the pretty picture he got of the water droplets!

Not a whole lot to say about today. The kids are full of questions as always, and we are all feeling the spring fever. I haven’t really been able to get them to stay inside for any length of time!

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