April 24, 2020

(Day 30) It’s hard to believe that we’ve done 30 days of shelter in place! There have been good days and bad days. It’s definitely been a hard few weeks!

We’ve been working hard on AWANA verses. Keilana is already done with her book, and has been for a while. But both boys need to finish up their books in order to get credit and their ribbons, so I’ve been making it a priority to finish all those up. Declan has a handful left and Javi has a fair amount of them, so we are chipping away at them little by little! It’s been a lot easier to be able to just send videos of them saying the verses when they have them memorized!

I chatted with a friend about our house color palette today – I’m really happy with the way our house has turned out! So pretty and cohesive. We also met with our drywall guy to discuss a little project we’re tackling in the next couple of weeks that we need his help with. Lover made Pad See Ew for dinner, but the sauce was a little off. We need to revisit our recipe and make some adjustments!

We went for a big walk in the afternoon – had to wait a few minutes for Lover and I spent some time just laying in the grass soaking up the sunshine. The sky and clouds were so pretty this afternoon!

We got great news about our friend who we’ve been praying for today! Her bone marrow is cancer free, so they can proceed to the next step of treatment. She still has a long road ahead of her, but we’re thankful for that news!

In the evening we attempted to make churros by baking them. Turns out, they taste nothing like churros when they are not deep fried! They were still yummy, but we need to find a safe way to deep fry them. Or – just eat our weight in churros when we move to Spain! 🙂

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