April 25 & 26, 2020

Saturday (Day 31): Last night late in the evening they announced that they are extending the stay at home order for our county. Boo! It’s been extended through May 11 I believe. Saturday started out really well. The kids did their cartoon/cereal routine and we lounged in bed, eventually roused from the comfort of our blankets by the need for food! Lover made killer breakfast and it was delicious as usual.

We tossed around all kinds of plans for today, but eventually headed to a remote open space and trail walked for a couple of hours. The kids complained a little, but mostly they just ran on ahead and played. There were very few people, and a couple on horses stopped to let the kids pet them, which was super fun. It’s so relaxing to just be in nature and be able to relax and let the kids run. Thankful that this has remained an option for us!

A friend stopped by and dropped off a bag full of puzzles and books to share. So fun! The kids entertained themselves with the puzzles in the evening until it was time to do dinner and bedtime. Lover picked up popcorn and ice cream at the store, and we did a date night movie down in our Airbnb suite in the evening. We watched a new movie on Netflix and ate our treats, and only got interrupted by the kids a handful of times. It felt as close to a date night as we’ve gotten lately, and I was super thankful!

Sunday (Day 32): We went to church! Haha, just kidding. But we watched our church service online and really enjoyed it, and also enjoyed texting with our life group throughout the service. That’s been a fun tradition these past few weeks, and it helps us feel more connected to each other while we are apart!

My brother’s family in Spain has finally been allowed to take the kids out for walks, which is awesome! Hurray hurray! Here’s a picture of my little niece, isn’t she adorable? Can’t wait to squish her.

After church service we went for a walk around our neighborhood before quiet time. Keilana also created a diorama of church service (pre-COVID) out of Legos that was pretty awesome. We spent a lot of time this weekend just relaxing and reading and hanging out together. It was really fun!

One of the projects we worked on this week was painting our vanity in our master bathroom. Late Saturday night we got the doors reattached, and it looks really good! We need to fix up the trim and add a little caulk, but it looks so much nicer than before. Hurray! All in all it was a really good weekend and I’d say the best we’ve had since all of this started.

The last thing we did on Sunday evening was celebrate the end of the original stay at home order. Even though it ended up getting extended, we still wanted to celebrate making it 32 days! It’s important to celebrate what we can! We broke out a bottle of sparkling wine that we bought when Keilana was a baby, and had sparkling grape juice for the kiddos. Then we ate ice cream outside and let the kids play on their bikes and scooters. Our spring bulbs are looking fabulous in the front yard, and Lover and I enjoyed a really nice discussion about Lamentations while the kids played. And that was our weekend!

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