April 28, 2020

(Day 34) Spring fever is still hitting us hard over here. No one wants to do sit down work. So instead we worked on some of the assignments from the kids Friday school – which are mostly fun videos from their music and science classes. They had several different songs learning about beats and notes in the music classes, and they learned about sound waves in the science video.

My phone’s filter is pretty strong, and it eliminates so many of my freckles! LOL.

We also read another big chunk of my story. Mostly just Javi and I sat there and read together, but the other kids dropped in from time to time. Cassandra and I snuck in some extra cuddle time today too – she was overtired from waking up in the middle of the night and needed extra mommy time.

We did a Taco Bell run for Free Taco Tuesday. The kids really like them and every week the cashiers tell us – it’s only one per person! And we say, yep, we have six people in the this van. They’re always shocked. 😉

At lunch we worked more on AWANA verses. Declan only has one more verse to go! Javi said a big verse and we started working on the next one. He still has quite a few, but I know he can do it. Then after lunch Lover and Keilana headed out for grocery shopping and special time. They got what we needed and then after they got back, Keilana and I went to Target and Dollar Tree. We picked up a shirt for Javi at Target and Keilana did a little shopping at Dollar Tree. She had some money burning a hole in her pocket and was tired of staying at home! We had a nice time together. Then we did dinner and Bible Project (Daniel! The kids were so excited!) and that was our Tuesday!

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