April 29, 2020

(Day 35): The kids have been enjoying a remote music class with “Makin’ Music Carolina” for the last few weeks. They watched one of those this morning, and Keilana worked on some arts and crafts.

While we talked to Lover’s parents this morning, the girls all painted their nails. Cassandra did a really good job sitting still and waiting patiently for her nails to dry. Of course, they were all chewed off by the end of the day, but it was still a fun activity to do together.

I went for a walk and we prepped our dinner – loaded nachos and tajitas (taco meat with fajita seasoning) again. We cleaned up the house all together and got things in order. I finished up a novel that ended up being really terrible – not worth the time to read it! The kids played outside a bunch, and cleaned up the front yard so Lover could mow. Usually I mow (I love mowing!) but I had other things to do today. Lover took one last package to the post office for me – I resold all my old camera equipment so now I’m free and clear with my new camera body! Woo hoo!

Also, Cassandra has taken to saying “boo yah!” when she finishes a chore or is particularly proud of herself. 🙂

And then in the evening we did home service! Thankfully I got my new strings in the mail so I could play again!

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