May 11, 2020

Keilana decided she wanted to learn how to do laundry! So I spent a while this morning teaching her how to sort out the clothes, load the washer, and put in the proper amount of detergent and everything. Later on we switched it over to the dryer, and she was super excited to learn a new skill. We’ll keep working on it, and hopefully soon I will be out of a job!

Keilana and Declan also experimented with color mixing today, and gave me the results of their experiments. Javi worked on another AWANA verse, and we sent the video to his leader. Just a few more verses!

In the afternoon, Lover made an orange and olive oil cake with the leftover pulp from our fresh squeezed orange juice on Sunday. It took a long time to bake but it was really really delicious!

My writer friend and I had a Zoom date on Monday evening and brainstormed together for her fantasy novel. It is in its infant stages and we had such a blast coming up with potential plot lines and character arcs and all sorts of interesting conversation! Such a fun way to spend our evening.

I also started writing a new book because I can’t help myself! I was “inspired” by the terrible book I read on Sunday and wanted to take a crack at writing a better story. It’s really nothing like the one I read, and it’s flowing really well so that is fun!

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