May 9 & 10, 2020

Saturday: On Saturday we spent the morning and early afternoon working on projects around the house! It was nice enough for the kids to play outside, and Lover and I stayed busy all morning working on finishing trim, painting walls and little details that needed to be 100% wrapped up from our various home projects. It was a productive and satisfying morning!

In the afternoon our sorely missed babysitter rejoined our family and Lover and I FINALLY got a date night! It’s been almost eight weeks! We made sure everything was set and then headed out. And – our van battery was dead! It took about half an hour of tinkering to get things back in order but we eventually got it jumped and we were back in business. Good thing! Lover and I enjoyed a nice night together and the kids had a blast with Ellie.

Sunday: Mother’s Day! I always have very low expectations of this day, and it was a really fun and sweet day! We all collaborated on a sumptuous breakfast of cheesy eggs, bacon, tater tots and banana bread. I was stuffed!

The kids made me a few special crafts and cards, and I put them up on the fridge, and did a short home service. We sang songs, shared things we are thankful for or Jesus has taught us, and talked about John 14:6. It was a lovely home service! Then we relaxed until brunch with friends. I headed over to a friend’s house for fondue and Lover held down the fort and also graciously watched my girlfriend’s kids so she could come too.

Afterwards we hung out, watched some shows, and I read a book I’ve been looking forward to. The book ended up being a disappointment, but it was still a really nice day! Thankful for all four of my lovely kiddos!

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