May 8, 2020

(Day 44) Last night I spent several hours working on my book, and when I woke up this morning, I had the end in sight. Lover handled breakfast and supervising the kids doing chores and school so that I could write for a couple more hours. And – I finished the book! I’m super excited and I’ll be riding that high for a while! It’s super exciting to be halfway through the series!

The kids’ Usborne order arrived last night, so I passed out their new books today. They all got sticker books, and spent quite a while working on their books. These “Build Your Own” books are so much fun! Javi got monsters, Declan got monster trucks, Keilana got dragons and Cassandra got a sticker dollhouse book.

Our afternoon was pretty quiet. We made a delicious charcuterie board for lunch, and also a box of mac n cheese for the kids to fill up their bellies. The kids have really been enjoying watching Pocoyo for Spanish videos, and it’s exciting that they’re progressing to shows with a storyline! During quiet time I read and then helped Keilana work on her sticker book, and then chatted with Lover for a while.

After lunch we handled some to-do list items – Lover scanned all the paperwork on his desk so he could get rid of it, I did my Pilates exercise, and then we all went for a walk. We talked about our books and how much fun it’s been to write them so far.

Then we hung out in the hammock while Lover told me all about the finale of the show he’s been watching. It got pretty chilly! We made up a batch of banana bread and then started the second to last Harry Potter movie. The littles will watch a few minutes and then go to bed, and the bigs will get to stay up later and watch the whole thing!

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