May 7, 2020

(Day 43) I made Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal this morning, or, as the kids call it, my Deliciousness. I added raisins this time and Declan was not a fan. They entertained and helped me while we prepared it in the morning, and then helped me make Ginger Molasses Cookies to go with the meal we made for a friend today. Javi slept in til 7:50am this morning!

I also made Baked Ziti with Meat Sauce, and bundled it all with a salad. Hopefully it’s an encouragement to our friends! Keilana has been wanting to make “Banana Sauce” to discover if it’s very different from applesauce. She said it tasted quite different but it looked the same.

The kids worked on chores (from Wed and Thurs!) and worked on school work. I cleaned up the kitchen and talked to Lover and then Lover went for a walk with his friends. After he got back I went out to deliver the meal and run a few more errands. Walmart does not let anyone in without a mask anymore, so I was happy Lover had purchased some for us this week! While I was out, Lover finished making kofta kebabs for our lunch. I came home and we ate them with a Greek salad. They were delicious!

Declan says “Olive you”

After lunch and work we hung out in the hammock and relaxed, and Lover fielded another call from a recruiter. This one wants us to move to Chicago, and I am very opposed! Then after hammock relaxing we played another round of Dutch Blitz and Lover beat us all again. We need to start stacking his deck!

We landed our second customer for our website business today! So exciting!

Then it was bathtime and then recap/dinner and Bible Project. We are all the way to Jonah! Tomorrow is the last day of Stay At Home! Fingers crossed that it’s over and we can move to Safer at Home! 44 days is long enough!

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