May 13, 2020

Cassandra is 3! We spent the day celebrating in laidback, Kodanko style. I made the kids a big breakfast, and then spent a couple of hours finishing up reading my book to Javi. He loved the fast paced conclusion and I really enjoyed reading it him and watching how he followed along with the story!

After that we videoed with Lover’s parents, and after talking with them for quite a while, I headed out for a walk. It was already super sunny and hot – I think this summer is going to be a scorcher in Colorado!

Three piggytails because she’s 3!

We made Cassandra’s chocolate cake, and then tried to do quiet time. It was a bit of a fail today as the kids were really amped up about the birthday celebrations, but I still managed to get in some writing. This new contemporary fantasy is really coming along really quickly!

After lunch, where Cassandra requested mac n cheese, we decorated the cake and opened presents. Our family and friends are so kind to still remember C’s birthday from so far away! The kids played with the new sprinkler toy for a while, and then we ate the cake and sang to C. During cake time Lover explained water pressure and fluid dynamics to the kids with mirror diagrams. Javi made sure that he stayed accurate!

Our neighbor brought by a few gifts for C, and we shared a piece of cake with her. We’re hopeful we get a chance to get to know her better in the coming months! Then the kids played outside working off all of the sugar, and Lover and I worked on a few more edits to Storyteller. We have a couple more friends that have agreed to read it, and we are trying to get it in tiptop shape and easy readability for them!

And that’s our Wednesday!

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