May 14, 2020

Javi and Keilana collaborated all morning on a story that they are writing based on the sticker books they got last week. They spent hours on it! They need me to help with the binding and then with writing out the words.

I talked to a friend this morning and found out that she could use a meal, and so we figured out what we could bring to her on short notice! Cassandra helped me modify our baked oatmeal recipe to accommodate their allergies, and we baked that up for their breakfast tomorrow while working on a few other parts of the meal.

Yesterday I sent the new book I’m writing to my friend Jenna, and she got back to me around lunch – so fun to get feedback! It’s been so enjoyable to write this book so far! She sent me one of her books, a YA romance and I’m super excited to dig into it.

Cassandra and I worked on a puzzle, and then while she took a bath I wrote down the lyrics to the CD C got from Poppa for her birthday. Declan worked hard all morning on a special letter for me, and then put it in the mailbox and delivered it! So cute. He and I played together for a while today too – he’s such a silly little guy.

After a pretty successful quiet time, we finished up our own meal – we made a cobb salad that has been super popular around here. And it looks stunning on the plate! Total eye candy.

We ate a quick lunch and then headed over to the church to swap out some things from the MOPS closet, and pick up some things for our friend. Then we drove to her house and delivered everything. Hopefully it’s a blessing! The littles took a nap on the way home, so hopefully they will sleep tonight.

We’ve had a lot of late nights this week, and busy days with the kids, so by the time we got home I was beat. Lover and I watched a show while the kids watched a movie. Then it was dinner time (pizza) and then bed! Can’t come soon enough tonight.

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