May 16 & 17, 2020

Saturday: Lover was supposed to work this morning (boo!) but it got canceled (yay!) I wrote for a little while in the morning, and finished my friend’s book that she sent over for my feedback. It was awesome!
Then we worked for several hours on organizing kids’ clothes; moving the littles’ clothes from the changing table bins to the closets, and re-organizing the loft. It was a ton of work, but the upstairs feels so much more open and lovely now!

Our neighbor also brought over a couple of bins of books for us to peruse, and we kept a bunch of them. So exciting to have lots of new books! Everything was spic and span and lovely by quiet time. We relaxed for a bit and then got ready for date night – so happy to have this back too!

After we got back from date night we watched About Time – I think I saw this a long time ago but had no memory of it! It’s a nice movie with a bunch of plot holes but a sweet message.

Sunday: It’s been nine weeks since we had church in person! Here’s to hoping we only have a few more weeks of online church! We watched our online service and chatted with our life group, and then did our own home service outside on the deck.

Javi and I worked on his last monster section of his AWANA book- he had to say SIX long verses for his final section, and he did! He killed it! So proud of Javi! After quiet time we headed over to a friend’s house for games, and we ended up staying for hours! It was a great way to spend the afternoon. We came home and I was asleep about thirty minutes later – I was so tired after such a fun weekend!

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