May 18, 2020

We started out our day with making a lemon yogurt loaf recipe that Dan’s girlfriend shared with us. It’s a super easy recipe that comes together really quickly. It was really yummy and Luke especially enjoyed it.

The kids played outside most of the morning, we did devotions and I went for a walk. Later Javi and Declan and I read together for quite a while. I did a bunch of work to wrap up MOPS for the year – tomorrow is our last meeting and I am stepping down as coordinator. It’s been a busy and awesome two years! Javi and Keilana worked more on their game they’ve been creating.

The kids watched their Spanish shows and then did quiet time. I wrote for a bit and then switched to editing my latest finished book. Then we ate Lover’s awesome lentils for lunch, shared our thankfuls, and then Lover took C out for special time. While they were gone, the kids played with the water table (they made soup) and then Declan added himself to the mix! After Lover and C came home, we did baths for the littles while I worked on more editing, and then hung out in the hammock for a while. Then dinner was a whole affair because everyone was super hungry, and then the bigs took baths while everyone else did bedtime.

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