May 20, 2020

More meals outside as the weather has just been heating up even more. We’ve been working on little projects around the house and trying to catch up on some sleep whenever we can. Lover mowed and Cassandra received a few more birthday gifts in the mail. She was super excited!

We did a video chat with Lover’s parents and got all caught up on the happenings, and Lover went for a walk with a friend. Writing wise I’ve been feeling a little stuck on my new book, but I’m ready to get back to editing the second book of the Hurricane Chronicles. So I’m focusing on that for now.

In the evening we drove the van down to the shop to have some work done, and then walked home. We stopped at King Soopers and got popsicles for the kiddos, which made them very excited and there were no complaints about the long hot walk home! Hopefully the van won’t take too long to get fixed!

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