May 21, 2020

Today I spent a good long while cleaning the downstairs and taking pictures to update our Airbnb listing of our whole house (rented month to month). I got everything super clean, took the pictures, and then realized that they were all the wrong orientation! Boo. But, they were nice pictures and now it’s that much closer to take pictures in the next couple of days.

The kids have been busy all week playing elaborate games with their sleeping bags packed full of stuff, swinging like crazy people outdoors, and practicing riding their bikes. Their summer is off to a fun start!

I’ve started talking to graphic artists about a book cover for Storyteller. It’s looking like I’m going to go the route of self publishing, so one of the next steps is to nail down a really great cover design! I’m also waiting for feedback from a few more beta readers, and looking into editing and formatting options. I’m excited!

We got an inquiry today about renting out our whole house for June and July. (Furnished). That would be awesome and would allow us to go on an epic road trip! They are coming to see the house on Sunday, so we have some work to do to prepare for the showing!

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