May 23, 2020

Because of quarantine, we discovered that a family from our church lives in our neighborhood! They came over this morning and the kids played while we sat in the front yard and chatted. It was great to get to know them better!

We spent the rest of the morning cleaning and preparing for our showing tomorrow. The kids watched cartoons and we worked hard clearing out rooms and cleaning showers, and and and. 🙂 It was a busy morning! We also called Lover’s brother for his birthday and chatted with him – he’s deploying soon too so it was nice to talk to him for a while. He asked about our plans, and we said, ‘We don’t know!” It’s been a common answer around these parts lately.

In the afternoon we took our kids over to our friends’ house so we could get our date night! We came back and juts relaxed in our clean house and hung out in the hammock until the neighbors put on loud music. Then we tried out a Chinese restaurant (yummy!) and got ice cream for dessert. A very nice and relaxing afternoon and evening!

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