June 2, 2020

This was our last morning in Green River. We spent it packing everything up and trying to fit it all back in the van – and not forgetting anything! That’s always a particular feat. We headed to the park we’ve frequented the last few days and the kids played while Lover worked and I tried to work on writing but the kids needed my attention. We got out some books and hung out – it was much hotter this morning and no breeze, and so many bugs! We left around noon, hooked Lover up to the hotspot, and headed south.

The landscape was really beautiful, and I snapped a couple of blurry pictures as we drove. We could have stopped, but we were all tired from our late night yesterday and wanted to get to the condo and settle in.

We found our condo without any problems. It’s nice and spacious, and there’s a lot of grass and sidewalk for the kids to play. The view is pretty nice too! This seems like a hopping place in the ski season. We’re at 10,000 feet and the nights apparently get really chilly up here! Yay!

The kids played outside for what was left of the afternoon and evening. I took a long nap, and Lover cooked up some dinner. When I woke up, the kids showed me a dead mouse they had found – and then did their best impersonations of a dead mouse! I think they got it spot on. Then Javi squished it with a stick and made the eyes pop out. And Declan pushed the guts out.

We watched America’s Got Talent and voted on our favorites, and then worked on the recap and headed to bed! We’re excited to have a home base for the next week, and Lover and I spent some time researching the best hikes in the nearby parks to accomplish with the kids. Lover and Javi discovered that they can play their game together, each on their phones, which they are very excited about. We’re looking forward to it! Also, two more fire hydrants! Keilana found the super tall one.

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