A Day of Rest, and Another Open Playground! ~June 3, 2020

Finally, a day of rest. We love to explore, but we also love to take it easy! And today was so needed. Lover worked and we had some issues with the wifi in the morning – not sure if it’s because of the Airbnb, since we heard that people all across the country were having issues with their wifi. The kids and I did devotions, and then they worked on sticker books and read story books. This quickly morphed into a much more inventive way to use the stickers, which had us all in stitches!

We did a video call with Nana and Papa. It was nice to chat with them and update them on our travels.

The kids played in their room (such fun to explore a new place!) and outside for a while, and then I worked on my writing and catching up on some emails. I’ve also been reading a friend’s book and providing her with feedback. I finished that up today, which felt awesome. It’s been such a fun experience to have a writing friend!

A couple of weeks ago I contracted a book cover graphic designer to do a cover for my book. I provided some basic parameters, and this is what he came up with.

Pretty cool, but not exactly on track for the tone of my book. After I requested some modifications, he sent me an updated file that got quite a bit worse! Oh well, for the price of a large latte I got to see what I definitely DON’T want, and it was a good exercise. I’m currently emailing with my cousin to see if we are a good fit to work together on a cover.

I talked to Jenna for about an hour today about self publishing, marketing and book ideas and cover designs, etc. It’s so much fun to hash out all these ideas and baby book thoughts with a friend!

We weren’t exactly sure what to do for our main meal today – but Lover just worked his magic again and came up with a super yummy meal for us. It was so good and everyone liked it. Cassandra regaled us with some songs – so cute. She’s been practicing just like her big sister.

Then Lover loaded up the kiddos and drove down to the closest Walmart to do some grocery shopping, and I stayed behind to rest a bit more. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel much more like myself! While they were gone, they talked about how language gets corrupted, and talked about tricks for remembering times tables. They also found a big park and the kids were in heaven – so much fun! The boys made up a new game – Hide Tag. You don’t count, and there’s killing involved! Keilana found some talking things and she kept passing messages to the boys.

Then it was back home, and we did recap and dinner, watched the New Testament Bible Project video, and headed to bed!

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