Back at Church(!) and a cozy day ~ June 7, 2020

Lover and I spent some time googling churches on Saturday evening and found one that was meeting normally down in Cedar City! We figured there was a good chance since things are so much more back to normal here. So we had a pretty quiet morning and then headed down the mountain to go to church! Everyone was super excited to get to spend time with other believers and worship together!

We got there and right away found the kids’ center. All the kids wanted to go to their classes, which was great! The church has this really cool space – first they are a coffee shop and you pass through that to get to the kids’ rooms and the worship space in back. They did almost an hour of worship, which was such an encouragement after 11 weeks of online only services! We’ve done our best in these almost three months, but it felt so sweet to be with other believers and worship together!

Our favorites were “We Praise You” and “Another in the Fire“. Those are both going in our playlists! The pastor gave a message on Psalm 119 with eight things to be working on in our lives. It was dynamic, to the point, and a great message! We met a couple of people afterwards, including the pastor, and everyone was warm and welcoming. Such a fun morning!

Afterwards we had planned to go to do some more hiking, but the weather was a little funky and we were all feeling like a quiet day. So we headed in to the park to have lunch, and then back home to our condo to relax!

On our drive back up the mountain, we had a great discussion about generosity with the kids and how we’ve had the opportunity to be generous throughout our lives. We talked about how each time, we’ve clearly seen God bless abundantly – we truly can’t outgive God!

During quiet time the kids played and Lover and I made sure everything is set reservation wise for our next ten days or so. We’re still looking for somewhere to stay in the Seattle/Portland area, having a hard time narrowing our options down! Then after quiet time we watched The Last Airbender with the kids and had pizza and pasta. After they went to bed Lover and I did State of the Kodankos. It was a nice, relaxing and encouraging day!

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