Freezing Cold on the Mountain! ~ June 8, 2020

We didn’t have big plans for today, which was a good thing, because we woke up and it was 22 degrees and snowing outside! Thankfully our Airbnb has a fireplace, so Lover got a big fire roaring and we cozied up in the living room.

The kids played with the wax strips, we read books, cuddled and had good food. We all needed another day of rest anyway, so it was a nice, forced rest kind of day! We did some laundry, worked on my book, read my book to the kiddos, and watched another movie (The Spiderwick Chronicles).

It was a little bit scary for the littles, but no one had bad dreams at night, so that was good! It was a good day to rest and recover, and we were ready for new adventures by the end of the day!

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