Mossy Cave Hike @ Bryce Canyon ~ June 9, 2020

We enjoyed a quiet morning where I started packing us up for leaving tomorrow. We left after lunch and drove to just before the entrance to the fee part of Bryce Canyon, where we did a short hike. We stopped on the way to get some fresh air and let everyone out of the car, and the kids invented a game with pine cones where you got one point if you hit the rock with a pinecone. Javi beat Lover 10-7!

The Mossy Cave hike was billed as great for kids – and it was, although it was a smidge more difficult than we were led to believe. There were lots of people, but everyone was friendly and patient. We hiked right up to the cave, then headed over the waterfall, and then found a way up the stream to stand beneath the waterfall! Javi crossed all the way underneath and hung out on the other side of the waterfall for quite a while. Lover took the other kids right behind the falls, and I was the photographer at a safe distance! 🙂

Then we walked back along the stream so the kids could walk in the water and play. The temperature wasn’t supposed to go above 60, but it ended up being 70 and VERY sunny, so it was the perfect day to get feet wet.

There’s so much more to see in this part of Utah, but I’m happy with what we saw, did and hiked. It was a fun week spent down here and we loved seeing some different kinds of nature and scenery. So many orange rocks in Southern Utah!

In the evening we did a little bit of fishing at the lake across from our condo, and then headed inside to do a video call with my cousin who is a graphic designer. He is going to do the book cover for my first book, Storyteller! It was a great conversation and I’m so happy to be working with him! He asked lots of great questions and I feel good about the direction we’re heading in for the cover. We should have something to look at in about a week!

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