Goodbye Brian Head, hello softball games! ~ June 10, 2020

Checkout day! We spent the day packing up, locating all of our stuff, eating up things we didn’t want to bring, and playing outside. We had such a fun first week here in Brian Head, but we are ready to leave the super high altitude and head out to our next destination! We’re spending a couple of nights in Orem (near SLC) and then heading up into SE Idaho. We’re hoping to see the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone as well as exploring SE Idaho!

It always seems harder to fit everything back into the suitcases then to take everything out! It’s like a wildly intricate, mildy frustrating puzzle! We eventually got everything loaded and headed out – down off the mountain and through the plains to get to Salt Lake City! Our Airbnb here is huge, and directly across from a sports park! There were softball games all afternoon and evening, so after dinner and grocery shopping, we headed out to catch a game! The games were all 12-14yr old girls, so maybe not fantastic skill, but it was still fun and relaxing to sit in the evening sun and watch a game! There’s also a big playground, so we headed over there after a bit and let the kids play. So great to have that park close by!

We’ve driven approximately 1,000 miles so far, and seen lots of great stuff! We’re having fun so far, and we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of this trip!

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