Orem, Utah ~ June 11, 2020

Thursday was a sleepy day, especially after none of us slept particularly well since the people who lived upstairs of our Airbnb apparently have a small baby who woke up every two hours that night! So we lazed around in bed, and the kids were super excited to watch TV in their own rooms. Javi got his own room, with its own TV, and sole possession of the remote control. I’m pretty sure that’s the greatest thing you can have when you are eight.

I collaborated with the proofreader more in the morning, played some guitar, and played with the kids. We went to the park for a bit, until I was worn out but the kids weren’t. We played a very long game of Castle Panic while Cassandra napped, and then had our meal together. Lover made the most delicious chicken soup in the pressure cooker that I couldn’t stop thinking about.

We ran some errands in the afternoon, heading to Kid 2 Kid to round out some missing pieces in our wardrobe, to the grocery store for Dr Pepper for KK (that she purchased with her very own money!) and to a thrift store! Savers has gotten almost as expensive as a regular store, which is hard to swallow, but we found the can opener we needed and I found a few tops as well.

Then we crashed back at our Airbnb, but the kids were still full of energy, so we roused ourselves out of the squishy couches and walked to the park. It was even busier than yesterday and we had trouble finding a shady place to sit. But, the kids got to run around like crazy people with other kids, and bedtime went smoothly after that. So – a quiet day. Much needed to balance out all our adventures!

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