Walks, Ice Cream and Pizza! ~ June 18, 2020

We knew we were headed back to Yellowstone on Friday, so we tried to make Thursday as relaxing as possible, while also getting things prepared to pack up and leave on Saturday! I actually went for a walk on Thursday morning, around the little neighborhood we were staying in. It was an interesting mix of small house, run down houses, immaculate houses, and farm animals! One house had two alpaca in their yard. Another had a horse. As one does in Idaho! 🙂

The kids did some school and Keilana finished her Explode the Code book! Very exciting. These books have been great to work on spelling, writing and reading. And the pages are not too long, so they hold the kids’ attention pretty well. Glad we discovered these! I did laundry and started packing – give me all your packing tips for living out of suitcases on the road! I feel like we are slowly pairing down, but clothes for six people, including both warm weather, cold weather and swim stuff, is just a lot of clothes! We have two big duffels which hold a ton, but are also bottomless pits. We’ll figure it out!

We went to the park to pass some time, and the kids played all over the place. Then Javi went and laid down under the geodome for so long I had to go searching for him! He’s always been my kid that will just zone and spend time relaxing and thinking. Such a cool kid. Kiddos were silly at lunch, as we worked on finishing off a pot of lentils. The fridge at this place keeps freezing all our food, which makes mealtimes challenging!

After lunch I made energy bites for our trip next week. We won’t have a kitchen, so we’re getting creative about food. The girls helped a little, but mostly commandeered spoonfuls of peanut butter and chocolate chips. We had an interesting discussion about “energy bites”. I explained that all food gives energy, but there’s nothing magical about energy bites. It’s just a trendy name.

For dinner, we headed out to Sams’s club. In Idaho, their cafes are reopened with limitations, so we ordered a pizza and two ice creams, and of course ate the ice cream first while we waited for the pizza to cook! Then we took the pizza home and ate it on the porch on paper plates. Yay for no dishes! This house also doesn’t have a dishwasher, and man, I’d forgotten how many dishes we make! Afterwards we did home service, which was lovely. It’s a great way to spend some time worshiping, talking about Scripture, and praying! We haven’t been doing our evening devotionals with the Bible Project. Partly because of the weird hours we’re keeping on this trip, and partly because since we started the New Testament, the kids really haven’t been into it. So, we’re pausing that for a bit and deciding what to do – maybe change things up a bit while we’re on the road!

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