On the Road Again! ~ June 22, 2020

You know what my favorite part of this trip is? Packing up and heading back on the road every couple of days. Oh wait! That’s not my favorite part! Each time I give serious consideration to leaving everything at our most recent stop and becoming minimalist nudists. LOL.

We packed up and left the pretty little Airbnb that we stayed in overnight, and headed back to the Playground of Dreams to let the kids play while Lover finished up working. The hotspot has proved to be a good purchase so far! The kids played for a while on the playground, and then they tried their hand at fishing in the nearby pond. I think they would have had more success if the kids who weren’t fishing didn’t climb into the water and start splashing around! But everyone had fun.

Then we got on the road, with a quick stop to pick up more transmission fluid and an AC charge for the van. Lover got all that added to the van, and we headed out. And… the AC stopped working. Entirely. It was 93 degrees and SO HOT. We were both panicking, but not talking to each other about it (how do you do a cross country road trip in the height of summer, through CA and NV and the humid Midwest without AC and without killing each other? We both were thinking, well, guess we have to buy a new van!) We prayed and drove for an hour uncomfortably hot until we stopped for gas. I went into the gas station and bought a huge ICEE freeze. Something I never do, but it was so hot, and the kids were even hotter in the back. We shared that as we got back on the road, and Lover and I carefully broached the subject of hey, what do we do about the AC? WHILE we were discussing it, it suddenly switched to ice cold! Hurray! Thank you Jesus! No idea why it switched back, but we are thankful.

We finished up the last couple of hours. The kids watched a movie, Lover and I talked and watched the scenery. As we headed into the Greater Seattle area, we drove under a series of bridges that were completely overgrown with trees and bushes. Anyone know why this is? It had a distinctly dystopian apocalyptic future feel to it. šŸ™‚

We found our Airbnb and got checked in, and then headed to the neighborhood park to, as Javi put it, “burn off some energy before bedtime.” Judging from the amount of screams and yells and general tomfoolery, that’s exactly what they needed.

We’re here for a week, and we’re really looking forward to later in the week when we meet up with a friend! We will see how this week sorts out – hopefully it’s a fun time!

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