Lake Washington ~ June 23, 2020

We spent the morning doing showers and getting settled into our little basement apartment here in Seattle. The kids watched a movie and I worked on blog and book stuff, and actually got some new writing done! I’ve been working on edits and book formatting and so many other things that I haven’t had time to just write for fun. It was so needed!

After Lover finished up work, we headed down to find a beach. Lots of beach parking was closed, but we eventually found a place and got set for swim time. The kids, especially Javi, were so excited. I had been so hot all morning since we are still adjusting to the humidity, but the weather was really nice and cool by the water.

There were a LOT of people there. Some, like us, were just there to swim. But a lot of them were launching at that spot – kayaks and paddle boards and inflatable sailboats and rafts and basically anything that floats. There were a few swimmers in wetsuits, and we watched a whole swim team go by a few times. Later, the coaches docked where we were sitting and told us that all the swim teams are practicing at the lake because all the pools are closed! The coaches rowed back and forth all day while they took teams up and down the lake for practice. They were tired!

The kids played in the water for hours, and Javi caught a fish! He said a bird swooped down and scooped up a fish, but then dropped it, and Javi grabbed it. He came running to show us and we thought it was dead, but then it was moving its gills and wiggling a bit. So Javi threw it back out into the water where it hopefully lived.

After our afternoon at the beach we went grocery shopping. We bought popcorn and chips and fruit and pastries, and the supplies for a chicken, rice and bean pressure cooker meal. We’re having to be a bit more creative with our meals this week since we don’t have a full kitchen. And we’re doing the dishes in the bathroom! We had energy bites for breakfast, and ordered pizza for lunch. Then we had leftovers and sandwiches for dinner, and it took forever to fill the kids up! They were so hungry after all that swimming!

After dinner we watched another episode of Restaurants on the Edge, this one was in Finland! KK and I agreed that we really want to go there. Before we finished, the notary public showed up. We are refinancing our primary home, and needed to sign a bunch of documents. Declan fell asleep during the show, and he chilled on the couch while we signed a million papers.

So that was our day in Seattle! Pretty restful, and we’re feeling a bit more rested and ready to take on the week!

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