The Rose Test Garden ~ June 29, 2020

We spent our first day in Portland doing laundry and feeding children, and working, of course. Still working on final touches for our book cover, and finalizing other details for our book release next week. It’s getting so close! I can’t wait to hear people’s thoughts on Storyteller!

In the afternoon, we crossed the river on a huge bridge, heading into Oregon and our first official taste of Portland. We went first to the Rose Test Garden, a place recommended to us by the couple we met in Boise. It was a super pretty garden that reminded me of the Rose Garden in Rochester – just a bit bigger and busier than that place! There were signs for a playground, so we went in search of it, but it was very, very closed. Instead we went for a bit of a nature walk on a little trail, and the kids had a blast exploring and finding sticks and just generally exploring. Then we walked through the rose garden a bit more, petted some friendly dogs, and then sat for a while in the amphitheater while the kids played. The kids are being good sports about all the playgrounds being closed, but it’s been frustrating for them.

A functional water fountain! Haven’t seen one of those in a few months.

Lover and I spent some time at the gardens talking about this fall. With the borders remaining closed indefinitely, we have to start making alternate plans for this upcoming school year. Problem is, we don’t know what direction God wants us to take! Please pray for us that God would make his will clear and give us clear direction.

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