Alberta Arts District ~ June 30, 2020

The kids and I went to run a few errands in the morning after we did morning stuff and I did some yoga and working out. Then we got a hot fudge sundae and fries at McDs and drove to nearby park. The playground was closed, but the trees and grounds were pretty magical – some huge, inspiring trees, and some small ones with knobbly branches that were great for climbing. The kids had a blast with their imaginative games and played a lot while I just sat and relaxed and emailed with a friend. My two friends are doing a first read of Intruder, and it’s been so fun getting their feedback as they read.

We headed home for quiet time, and then after Lover finished up work we headed out to explore the Alberta Arts District. We checked out the Windows of Wonder shop- a quirky, window display only shop where you order what you want online. They had some neat scavenger hunt things to look for, and the kids enjoyed it. Very quirky! Then we walked up and down the main road and took in all of the different street murals. It was super fun and eclectic, and some of the better art we’ve seen on this trip. Love the vivid colors and the bizarre, eclectic themes. One reataurant was decorated on the facade, the inside, and the patio, which was super cool and immersive. Some day we will have to come back and eat there! You know, when things are open again. There were also a ton of fire hydrants, and the kids enjoyed snapping pics of them all.

Afterwards we headed into Old Town Portland. It seems like a cool area to check out a pub or bar or something, but not kid friendly or terribly walkable. So we drove back home via an enormous Paul Bunyan statue, and found a park for the kids to burn off some energy at the end of the evening. Then we went home and fed them half of the food we have with us, and put everyone to bed. Lover and I watched a really terrible action movie that was quiet the disappointment. Another fun day!

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