I <3 Gyros & Tires ~ July 1, 2020

Happy July 1st! Our day started out quiet (have you sensed a theme? We like our quiet mornings.) I read for a while, Lover worked and did a video call with a website design client, and the kiddos watched shows and played. Then the kids and I headed out to the nearby Discount Tire to get the tires rotated. We showed up (it had just started raining) and the guy looked over the tires, and promptly informed me they would only be able to rotate the tires on the one side because the front passenger tire was “bald.” This was obviously concerning, so I took a look, expecting to see threads and worn out tires. But, it was just a bit more worn on the outside of the tire. The guy then proceeded to tell me that it was probably from a bad alignment (possible, our alignment is always off) or from not having the tires rotated in too long (not possible, we are super vigilant about that, and always get it done at Discount Tire). I told him that we regularly have the tires rotated, and he just kind of shrugged like “yeah, well, you can’t prove that.” At this point I called Lover and talked it all through with him. He reminded me of the warranty on the tires, so I asked the employee to check on that and we followed him into the store. Inside, he proceeded to tell me that it wouldn’t be covered under warranty because of the uneven wear – which was not their fault. At this point I was getting super annoyed, and about ready to just walk out. We’ve literally never had this problem at any other Discount Tire, in fact, in Provo, the employees were phenomenal!

Eventually a manager came over and looked into it. He then proceeded to tell me that there was probably an issue with the CV joint, or the tires had not been rotated. I just asked, “so, are you going to be able to rotate the tires?” he answered that we needed a new tire, and it would cost $70. So I left, frustrated and annoyed. I took the kids to an open playground we had spotted and they played while I calmed down and talked to Lover. Then we went to Target for a few things, and then headed back to the Airbnb. On our way, Lover called. Discount Tire had called him, apologizing. It was the manager, and he apologized for not understanding the situation. Apparently the first guy had basically just lied to him, and the manager didn’t realize that we had purchased our tires there and they were under warranty. He asked us to come back, and he would give us a replacement tire for free, and rotate the tires.

Mom, can you take a picture of us outside inside? 🙂

After lunch and work, Lover took the kids and went back and dealt with Discount Tire while I took a nap. There was no way I was going back to deal with those guys again! Apparently the manager was disappointed that I didn’t come because he wanted to apologize. Glad he made things right, but it was a super frustrating morning. Lover and the kids picked up gyros on the way home and we enjoyed them in our Airbnb – they were good but not *quite* as good as Seattle. But, the PNW seems to know how to do food! We hung out for a bit, and then the kids watched a movie while Lover and I worked on plotting out some new books. It was like a mini-date! The kids went to bed, and we worked for a while longer, and then headed to bed. An interesting day!

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