Leaving Portland and Camping! ~ July 3, 2o20

We packed up in the morning. We’re getting better at packing and loading, but it’s still a production every time. I think it’s my least favorite thing about this trip. Although that could be a toss up with the bad beds. Thankfully there haven’t been many of those!

We knew we had a longer drive today, so we hooked up to the hotspot and monitored emails while we started driving. We were heading for Grassy Flats campground in California. We drove through parts of the Redwood forest while we headed to our campground. We lost signal unexpectedly, and sadly something went screwy with my phone, so I don’t have any pictures of the rest of the day. The forest was awesome, and so neat to drive through. I haven’t been feeling great the last couple of days, but the kids were thrilled to go camping. We stopped about an hour away and got a bite to eat and picked up some groceries for the weekend, including marshmallows, of course!

We got to our campsite while it was still light out, and our tent is really easy to set up. The ground was super hard. Great for anchoring the tent, not so great for sleeping on! But we got everything set up, and the kids scavenged around in the forest for wood. We had dinner and made a fire, and tossed in the last of the colored flame kits that we purchased at the beginning of COVID. They worked better on the campfire! Pretty blues and greens and purples. We talked about geography – explaining the oceans and the shoreline to the kids. The mosquitoes weren’t too bad, and we were all tired by 9, so we called it a night. Everyone snuggled up in sleeping bags and I read for a little bit – but then it was quickly too cold to have my arms out of the sleeping bag! πŸ™‚ We went to sleep and it was a chilly night. We really need to invest in a warmer sleeping bag for Lover and I! A little part of me is happy that we’re not doing any more camping on this trip! πŸ™‚

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