Traveling to Nevada ~ July 6th, 2020

Monday morning we packed up everything while the kids slept in. Man, it’s good to be a kid! We are figuring out better systems though, and packing and loading is getting easier. We drove through the mountains of northern California to Reno, Nevada, adding yet another state to our list! That’s nine states so far, and four that we had never been to together! (MT, ID, WA and OR) Reno really does feel like a little Vegas. The casinos were all blasting, apparently they just reopened a week ago, so everyone is excited. We made it to our Airbnb, and everyone was excited to go swimming, but the swimming pool was closed. Whomp whomp. Apparently the pool closes at 7pm. Boo!

It was a long travel day, and this week will be full of travel. But, we are looking forward to celebrating Declan’s birthday tomorrow, and to seeing our friends in Denver this weekend!

In exciting news, we are finishing up getting everything set for our book launch tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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