Splash Parks ~ July 9, 2020

Thursday morning we left Wendover, UT and headed across the state. It was hot! Right outside of Wendover there are huge salt flats where apparently they do races. It was cool to see – the land was just white white white. And sparkly! Lover had to take a call so we stopped in Orem, UT again, and we found a park with an open splash park and wifi. Lover worked and I laid on the grass and watched the kids. We joked that it seemed really busy at first, but it was actually just a few big families! πŸ™‚

The kids had a BLAST playing in the water. Declan even ruined a pair of swim trunks from playing so hard! They were in and out of the water, made friends, played on the playground – we had some very happy kiddos. Orem is surrounded by these really beautiful mountains, and the people are so friendly. Seems like a beautiful place to live! KK made a friend and she bought KK a push pop. Of course, I ended up buying the other kids one since I am a pushover. πŸ™‚

It got pretty hot and after lunch we got back on the road after a quick stop at the store for watermelon. So cool and refreshing! We finished our drive to Green River UT, where it was even hotter. 105 degrees! We holed up in our motel room and had dinner and burrowed under the air conditioning.

Today was the day that our book went live, and we promoted it on Facebook. The response was awesome! So much fun to experience everyone’s excitement, and hear that they were ordering the book! We’re hoping it’s just the beginning of a ton of orders! It’s been fun to watch the stats and hear what people think as they start reading. πŸ™‚

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