Our First Sale! ~ July 8, 2020

Today was another travel day. We videoed with Lover’s parents in the morning, then hit the road right at checkout and drove another 6 hours. We’re tired of driving! 🙂 Lover and I worked on plotting out book 3 of the Hurricane Chronicles, and also our novella. The kids watched the new movie, and we stopped for a break in a hot part of Nevada. Oh wait, that’s all of Nevada! 🙂 We made it to Wendover and crashed at the hotel, and I did laundry and we all relaxed until the sun went down and it cooled off a bit. Then we went to park to let the kids play for a bit and we all got some fresh air.

Also, we got our first sale for Storyteller! Super exciting! Billionaire authors, here we come! 🙂

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