Runzas, More Driving, and a New State~ July 14, 2020

The Holiday Inn we stayed in was serving breakfast, so we all grabbed breakfast and lounged in our room until checkout time. Then we got on the road and I drove for a couple of hours through beautiful Nebraska while Luke worked. We stopped for lunch and a work call in a little Nebraska town, and the kids and I went grocery shopping (and miscellaneous shopping; swim trunks, water bottles, etc.) while Lover took his call. Then we picked up runzas, a local Nebraskan staple and headed back out on the road. The runzas were delicious! The ultimate comfort food. We were going all the way through the state to Sioux City Iowa that night, so no time to waste! We drove under the famous Nebraskan Archway bridge – one of rural Nebraska’s few claims to fame. 🙂

We entered Iowa and got right to our Holiday Inn. The kids were chomping at the bit to go swimming, so we all changed and headed down to the pool. Cassandra was super clingy and fearful, which is a new thing for her. Lover was a water monster and the kids’ screams echoed off the walls as we all tried to stay away from the monster! We swam for a long time, and then headed back up to our room to get ready for bed.

Travel days are always kind of boring and slow, but we’re inching ever closer to Minneapolis and we have a sweet friend waiting for us there!

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