Visiting a dear friend! ~ July 15, 2020

We grabbed breakfast from our hotel in Sioux City, and packed up while the kids watched some cartoons. They love hotels since they can usually watch while we all relax in the morning. Lover worked, and then we got on the road. Lover took a half day so that we would arrive in Minneapolis with plenty of time to settle into our hotel and then go have dinner with Carolyn!

We got to our hotel without any issues, and everybody crashed for a bit. Traveling is exhausting! We’ve also been talking back and forth with friends this week about our audiobook, hoping that their teenage daughter can narrate the book for us for all of the people that have asked for an audiobook. Neither they nor we have done this before, so there is a lot of back and forth, and details to be ironed out.

Once we settled in at the hotel, we freshened up and headed over to Carolyn’s for dinner! We were doing a distanced dinner on her back patio, and we were so very excited to see her. We’ve missed her so much since she moved away last summer! We stay in touch as much as we can, but it’s never the same.

I prepped the kids as much as I could – masks, no touching, no playing inside the house. They did really well for such a restricted event. Poor Declan forgot the rules a few times (he’s a physical touch, loving people kind of kid) but they really made an effort to keep Grandma Carolyn safe! They played with Callie, Carolyn’s puppy, colored, and rolled in the grass. And got bitten by a ton of bugs! Ouch! Lover and I enjoyed a great conversation with Carolyn. We told her all about our book, and life in Denver, the possibility of spending the fall in Texas and on and on. None of us stopped talking the entire evening!

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