Date Night! ~ July 22, 2020

We had another quiet morning at the house. The kids found a DIY fort kit, and they played with it for hours. There are endless possibilities and combinations! The bigs made some really cool stuff, and later made an actual fort that they hung out in and ate snacks. They had a blast. The littles and I worked on a puzzle, and I worked on recaps some more.

Then in the afternoon we drove back down to the marina. We hung for a bit and then said goodbye to the kids – Tio and Virginia were watching them for us for the evening so we could have a date night! We were super excited. Cassandra was a little nervous to be leaving us. She hasn’t had to be away from us more than a time or two for nearly five months! But we helped her through it and she was excited to be back on the boat.

Lover and I picked up gyros, fries and a greek salad at a place Tio recommended, and it delivered! The restaurant smelled like bleach, but the food was really good. We did takeaway and brought it back to our Airbnb where we ate way too much. So we decided to go for a walk in the really pretty neighborhood to help our digestion. Then we watched another episode of The Final Table, and then it was time to go get the kiddos! They had a great time with family and we so enjoyed the little break. Everybody had a good night!

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