Lunch with friends ~ July 23, 2020

Thursday we headed back up to Cedarburg around lunchtime to spend a few hours with our friends. It was a hot and muggy day, and Lover had to finish out the work day, so we all hung out at their house. They have a zipline that all of the kids (and some of the adults) enjoyed. We had lunch together and chatted – it was a really nice couple of hours! Their oldest, Noelle, is a lovely girl who I’ve always gotten along with really well. She liked my hairdo, so I did the same one on her. Fun!

Then our friends had games and puppy school to go to, so we headed back down to Milwaukee. The kids played more, we hung out on the porch, and had a quiet evening. Tomorrow is our last full day in Milwaukee, and we are doing a river cruise with Tio, so it will be busy enough! I did a little packing too, (and I did laundry at our friends) so that I didn’t have quite so much to do on Friday and Saturday.

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