A Long Drive ~ July 26, 2020

We enjoyed a nice morning with our friends and they cooked us up a scrumptious breakfast. Bacon! Eggs! Toast! Fruit! All the best things! 🙂 Wish we could have stayed longer, but we had an eight hour drive waiting for us today. So we snapped some pictures on their porch and hit the road!

I was nervous about this trip. We’ve been careful to limit our trips to three or four hours, occasionally doing five or six hours when we had to. But we haven’t done eight, and we didn’t have the fallback of the DVD player in our new van. But – we had smooth sailing. We made really good time, the kids entertained themselves and were pretty patient, and Lover and I were able to talk through some plots and I even wrote a little bit.

We stopped for a meal in Pennsylvania, and I wanted to get a salad. The employee at Burger King informed us that “they don’t have any salads.” Since when? I literally ordered one at BK a few days ago. Then we pulled up the McDonald’s app, and they didn’t have salads EITHER! So weird! I ended up grabbing one from Walmart, but by then I was just annoyed and ready to eat anything. Don’t know what was going on in PA.

We got to NY and to my cousin’s house. She’s graciously letting us invade her house for the week. The kids played outside while Lover and I unloaded and got settled in. We’re thankful for a place to stay here in Rochester!

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