House for Sale, and seeing Nana & Papa ~ July 27, 2020

We’ve had a lot of trouble with the house that we still own here in NY over the last six years. Finding good tenants, evicting bad tenants, unexpected costs, fights with the town, and difficult property management companies. The whole COVID crisis has only added to the frustrations and financial drain that we’ve been dealing with, so we made the decision to sell our first home! We listed the house for sale this morning, and we’re praying for a quick and easy sale process. We’d like to get our money out and into something more stress free!

Nana and Papa came over after noon and the kids were absolutely thrilled! They’ve been talking for days about how excited to see their grandparents. There were lots of smiles, lots of talking, and lots of happy noise, as Papa calls it. I worked on a bunch of life stuff while everyone got caught up, and the kiddos monopolized the grandparents’ attention.

Then my cousin got home from her camping trip, the grands left, and we hung out for the evening. We’re all rested up from our long travel weekend, and ready to see friends and family this week!

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