Visiting Nana & Papa & Family Dinner ~ July 28, 2020

We started our day with puzzles and birthday gifts for Declan from Yayo and Yaya. Declan was very excited to get a whole outdoor explorer kit! They immediately went outside and tried out all the fun new things! Later in the morning after we had taken care of a few things we headed out to Brockport to see the grandparents. The kids were super excited to spend more time with Nana and Papa! Nana had some fun presents for Declan also, today was a belated birthday celebration for him! Rebecca our niece was there too, and we caught her reading a couple of chapters of our book. 🙂 We hung out there until Lover finished work, and then we headed over to Anna’s house.

All of the cousins were so happy to see each other. The cousins all ganged up on Lover and went after him several times throughout the evening! 🙂 After a very big dinner, the weather cooled off a smidge and we all went for a long walk. It was nice to move and get things stretched out! Then we set off bottle rockets in the back yard, and had some ice cream. It was a lovely day and we stayed out way too late!

We also announced to family and friends today that I’m pregnant with our fifth kiddo! Very excited! 🙂

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