Birdsong Trail & A Picnic ~ August 6, 2020

Thursday morning we met up with our longtime friends Len & Marianne Harris to spend the day with them. Len & Marianne were my second grade Sunday school teachers (I called them Mr and Mrs Harris back then!) and then Lover and I worked with them for about six years in New York before we started having kids. It was a lovely time and we formed a great friendship that has lasted through the years. We were looking forward to catching up! 🙂

Everybody “masked up” and we headed into Wegmans to order subs for our picnic. Then we drove out to Mendon Ponds to spend the day in nature! We’ve heard about Birdsong trail from the Harrises for years, and were excited to check it out. It’s a really beautiful part of the park with lovely walking trails, and if you’re very lucky, you might even get a bird to eat birdseed out of your hand! Lover and Keilana were the lucky ones today!

We also took some time for the kids to play on some big fallen trees, checked out the fairy garden and then picked out the perfect picnic spot. Marianne is the picnic queen, providing all kinds of snacks, treats, great food and entertainment! Declan celebrated his birthday, I did my first book signing (!) and they even had something for our 14th anniversary! (Which was the day before). They gifted us with some massive packs of post-it notes for our writing! 🙂 We enjoyed great conversation and eventually had to wrap things up in order to get back out to Brockport for naps and then meeting up with my brother!

We had suggested garbage plates (the quintessential Rochester experience) to Jon & Steph, so we met up in Brockport and ordered our food. While we waited, the kids ganged up on their uncle, and then we headed back to Anna’s to eat and relax. We had a great evening and it was so nice to catch up with them. Another full day – we are getting tired, whew! 🙂

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